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Latest Cardano update to introduce peer-to-peer (p2p) support


Cardano is yet again improving its decentralization with a new update that allows nodes to connect to each other directly.

The update

Cardano, the creator of ADA, is one of the most prolific blockchain networks in the market. Some say that it will rival Ethereum. ADA is the native token used on the Cardano network. Over recent years, the system has undergone various stages of near-complete overhaul, introducing new features and functionalities that make its ecosystem more decentralized with each stage.

The latest upgrade may not be a major stage, but it’s also improving decentralization on the network. The Node 1.35.6 update will make it possible for nodes on the Cardano network to establish direct connections with each other without having to go through a server.

How to enable P2P on Cardano

The developer team at Cardano has made it easy for node operators to enable the update on their systems. To make this happen, operators only need to navigate to the configuration file, locate the said new feature, and change the status of the “EnableP2P” feature to “True.” The configuration file will then be updated to activate the new connection setting.

However, the old network connection settings (with disabled p2p) will still be operational for those who aren’t yet ready to activate the update. As mentioned, the update is expected to boost decentralization as well as security on the network.

ADA market

ADA has been a resilient coin that has resisted market pressure in the past. This could be attributed to the robust community backing it as well as the growing faith in the developer team. While ADA hasn’t been exactly a great performer price-wise, many belief that its future is bright, especially owing to Cardano’s expansion with respect to various scaling options and economic sectors.

Also, the company has been in talks with mainstream market players, institutions, and even governments (like Ethiopia) to use the blockchain network to transform economic sectors and institutions. At the time of this writing, ADA is priced at around $0.33, with a market cap totaling $11.65 billion. It posts 11% price increase over the last week and 2.6% in 24 hours. ADA is at position 7 in the charts and has experienced minimal impact from recent bad moments in the crypto industry.